12 X 1.25 Hex Closed End Bulge Nut


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  • M12x1.25 thread
  • Closed End Bulge Acorn Style Lug Nuts
  • Conical 60 Degree Seat
  • 3/4″(19mm)
  • 1.4″(35.56mm) long
  • 0.87″(22.1mm) wide. (NOTE: Please tighten the lug nuts manually, DO NOT use electrical tools)
  • Fits Vehicles with wheel studs requiring a M12x1.25 thread and wheels that take a conical 60 degree seat with a 3/4″(19mm) hex.


  • Triple chrome plating with essential layers of copper nickel and chrome to provide exceptional strength beauty and corrosion resistance.
  • Manufactured with cold forged and heat treated steel for dependable strength and durability.


  • Match this lug’s specs (thread seating style hex etc.) to both your vehicle and wheel requirements (Refer to car manufacturer manual). Or contact our Customer Service Team to verify a safe and proper fitment.