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Tire brand: Ceat
Tire model: Aayushmaan
Car Type: Tractor
Specification: 18.4-30
Diameter: 30''

18.4-30 Ceat Aayushmaan 14PR

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Farm specialty tyre blessed with a long Life. If you are looking for a strong and long-lasting tyre for your farm vehicle, then Aayushmaan is what you need.


  • Deep lugs, which establish superior grip on the soil, and hence avoids slippage,
  • Unique sea area that provides self cleaning ability,
  • Excellent construction gives it a long and improved life.

Made from a wear and tear resistant compound, and reinforced with a strong nylon casing, the AAYUSHMAAN HD is built tough. Dual angle lugs give the AAYUSHMAAN HD higher traction – on the field and off it too.

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