All position tyres are designed to meet the demands of any wheel axle on trucks and buses. They feature a tread pattern that allows them to be installed on any axle without altering the truck’s performance, neither that of the tyre itself.

All-position tyres are one of the most precise and technically advanced tyres for commercial vehicles, they often portray high mileage, even tyre wear and exceptional ride quality.


  1. Rib or Semi-rib (Zigzag) tread pattern
  2. Multi ply reinforced carcass
  3. Continuous central ribbing ensures directional stability, even wear and smooth ride, even on asphalt.
  4. Deep sculpting in the wide circumferential grooves provides safe grip on slippery surfaces, whilst also preventing stone trapping.
  5. Transversal shoulder slots ensure good drive axle performance on mixed roads of medium severity.
  6. Provide excellent anti-sidesliping performance and ensure excellent water evacuation
  7. Deliver outstanding traction and handling
  8. Provide excellent heat dissipation
  9. Low operating temperature due to better heat dispersion,
  10. Low rolling resistance that manifests in low fuel consumption,
  11. Excellent water drainage resulting in better traction on wet surfaces.


Usable on the following: –

Popular AP patterns

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