Improving your car's 'Curb Appeal'

Whether you are selling your car or you just like the cosmetic look, here are some simple ways to improve your vehicle's curb appeal.

1. Tyres

Make sure your tyres are matching (at least per axle) and properly inflated to avoid worries that the need for a new set of tyres is imminent. Depending on the value of your vehicle, if your tyres are worn you might also consider whether purchasing a new set of tyres is a cost-effective measure to help the car look cared for. Tyres indicate whether you have properly cared for your vehicle overally.

2. Keep it clean

Even off-roaders will sell better when kept clean. If your vehicle is parked and unused during a sale, washing it every few days might be sufficient. If you are driving the vehicle during a sale process, you might want to wash it regularly. Keeping your vehicle clean is one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve its curb appeal.

3. Make sure all lights work and Top off all fluids

It takes only a few minutes and at worst you might spend a few coins. Making sure that your car's headlights, brake lights and turn signals are all in working condition is an inexpensive way to make sure a potential buyer isn't immediately turned off when they begin examining how well your car runs.

Maintaining the fluid levels for automotive accessories like the power steering fluid and window washer solvent is a subtle but important way to convince a potential car buyer that your care for your vehicle has been impeccable. Most auto service providers or oil change specialists will include this service when you purchase an oil change, so if your car is nearing another oil change interval consider taking care of everything with one stop.

4. Document your service history

If your curb appeal goal is to sale your car, it pays to file service and parts receipts. Evidence of service history to potential buyers.

5. Detail the interior

Aim for odourless interior as part of matching a sparkling exterior to an inviting interior. Investing in a professional interior detail may pay big dividends in how quickly you sell your vehicle.

6. Repair chips and scratches

Consider having dings, dents, chips and scratches repaired, as well as any noticeable damage like cracked spoilers or air dams. Depending on the age and condition of you car, some visible damage such as dented bumpers or broken fender panels may not be worth repairing.

7. Give it the curb appeal test

Now, clear your mind and look at your car with fresh eyes. What jumps out at you? Is there anything else that needs to be touched up or cleaned? Or does it look so good your friends will be drooling over it, or going to raise your asking price?

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