Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why Tyretec?
    1. We offer universal value by perfectly matching performance, value, and quality for personalized solutions.
  2. Where do you source your products from? Our products are from factories in various parts of the world, even though the parent companies might be native elsewhere. China has been a controversial choice for many tyre manufacturing enterprises, we also have tyres from factories in other parts of the world like Thailand, India, Taiwan, and South Africa.
  3. How do I contact Tyretec for other questions? Please get in touch with us through our Feedback page.
  4. Do you accept M-Pesa? Yes, our paybill is 899520. Please enter your town name as the account number.
  5. Can I replace a run flat tyre with a regular tyre? While it is possible to do this, you should not mix run flat tyres with conventional tyres. Therefore it is only recommended that you switch to regular tyres if you are changing all 4 tyres at the same time. You should bear in mind however that vehicles that are fitted with run flat tyres as original equipment, usually do not come with a spare tyre.
  6. What is the load index? Load Index refers to the load carrying capability of a tyre. It is a numerical code that relates to the max weight the tyre can hold. If the tyre has a higher load index it is capable of carrying heavier loads. Owners of vans, commercial vehicles and even PSVs should consider fitting tyres with an increased Load Index which are constructed with robust materials to carry added weight.
  7. How do I know which tyre is best for my car? The tyre market is a free one hence tyres are produced with varying performance aspects and in brands. The brands can be segmented by cost into budget, mid-tier and premium. Budget tyres have in the recent past originated from Chinese factories while mid-tiers come from elsewhere in Asia like Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan. Premium brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone, Pirelli have over the years built a reputation when it comes to innovation and tyre quality. They have factories in different parts of the globe while employing same technology for production. Chinese tyres may appeal to price conscious customers. Mid-tiers attract customers looking for better performance at a limited budget. Premium brands are for customers looking for best quality available in terms of performance and innovation but there is a price tag for that.