Since November 2012, all new tyres sold in the EU must bear a label that gives an insight into the tyre's characteristics under three categories: -

  1. Fuel efficiency,
  2. Wet grip,
  3. External noise.

The tyres are rated from green A (best) to red G (worst) under fuel efficiency and wet grip categories, while external noise is measured in decibels (dB).

The label itself looks very similar to the one that household appliances have. The aim is to provide drivers with enough objective, and reliable information to make an informed decision when buying new tyres.

 Fuel efficiency or Rolling Resistance

A rolling tyre deforms and dissipates energy. The energy that is lost is known as rolling resistance and directly impacts on fuel consumption and the environment.

Wet Grip / Braking Performance

Tyres with excellent wet grip have shorter braking distances on slippery roads, essential for keeping you safe in the rain.

Noise Emission / Exterior Noise

A tyre’s exterior noise grading is expressed in decibels (dB) and accompanied by one, two, or three sound waves on the label to indicate the noise level.

One wave is the best for performance and three is the worst.

Most tyre manufacturers adopted their processes in order to produce EU compliant tyres even if they do not end up sold in the EU. As a result we see the label on tyres here in Kenya.