An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) defines as a producer whose items are used as components in the products of another company, which then sells the finished item to users.

An original equipment (OE) refers to a component (wheel or tyre) probably used in testing and approved, prior to final commisioning of a vehicle to the market. OE wheels and tyres have characteristics that enable a vehicle to drive in a desirable manner as designed by the automobile manufacturer. This is important specifically in high-end vehicles.

We strongly recommend motorists to observe OE approved variations in the event they intend to varry their wheel and tyre setups. Otherwise, stick to OE endorsed setups for optimum operation of the vehicle.

OE size. In the wheel and tyre industry, OE size refers to the dimensional equivalent of the OE component. This concern happens when OE equipment brand is not available for purchase at a given time, is costly or in the event of wheels, the vehicle owner wants a different visual style. In this case, motorists should observe the OE dimensions (OE size).

An Original Equipment tire is a custom-made product developed for a specific car model, to ensure the perfect tyre for every customer.