Tractors are built to deliver a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds, for hauling assorted attachments as commonly used in tillage and other agricultural tasks.

Tractor tyre guide

Different sized tractors call for different tractor tyre sizes, and tread patterns. 

  • Understand the gibberish printed on the sidewall of your tyres to know what you need to buy to properly shod your mechanical workhorse.
  • Understand your options and match those options to your needs, since what your tractor came with from the factory may not be the best tyre for the current application.
  • Widely shop for prices. Tyretec has a complete online catalogue that you can use to find all the information that you may need, including prices and seasonal price offers.

Foam Filling

Foam Filling is the practice of filling tyres with a polyurethane foam. This is done to make them heavier and makes them immune to punctures due to no longer needing air to keep their shape. It is generally only done to agricultural tyres and only the smaller front tyres of agricultural machinery. The main disadvantages is that the tyres need to be sawn off the wheels when changing and these hard packed tyres will give an extremely harsh ride. The extra weight lowers the center of gravity of an agricultural vehicle and this can be advantageous to lower the chances of a vehicle flipping.

This is almost always done as a DIY job and has little penetration in the professional tyre fitting market. It is in sometimes used an alternative to liquid ballast.