Proper storage techniques and care are vital to maximizing the lifespan of your tyres and to maintaining their performance.

Tyres should be stored in: -

  • A cool, dry, place,
  • Away from direct sunlight, ideally indoors in order to minimize the risk of damage.

Some of damages associated with poor storage include: -

  • Liquid contamination,
  • Oxidation.

    Water could collect inside and percolate into the steel cords thereby causing the steel cords to rust. Rusted steel codes pose a disintegration risk.

    The following factors will contribute to the deterioration of tyres.

    • Heat,
    • Air currents,
    • Oils, fuels and solvents,
    • Sunlight,
    • Ozone (from electrical generators and arc welders),
    • Water,
    • Dust and dirt.

    Prevent exposure to these when storing your tyres.

    Tyres exposed to these factors for a prolonged time during storage or driving may weaken and suddenly fail.