14.00-24 Tyre


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 Tyre specifications

  • Width: 14 inch
  • Construction: Bias
  • Wheel diameter: 24 inch

TRA Code Guide

In addition to the standard tyre size markings, the following letters and digits could be engraved on OTR tyres to isolate their use.

  • C = Compactor (road-building machines and steam rollers),
  • L = Loader/Dozer,
  • G = Grader,
  • E = Earthmoving (transport; scrapers, articulated and rigid dump trucks),
  • IND = Industrial (port).

The following digit further define the tyres by representing the tread depth: -

  • 2/3 stands for 100% tread depth
  • 4 stands for 150% tread depth
  • 5 stands for 250% tread depth

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