16.9-28 TR218A Tube


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Tyre inner tubes are designed to contain air within the wheel and tyre assembly. 16.9-28 inner tubes are designed for farm implement tyres. They fit in to 16.9-28 or 16.9 R28 tyres.

Tube parameters

  • Wheel diameter: 28 in
  • Material: Butyl rubber
  • Valve stem: TR218A

    TR218A & TR220A Tube Valve Stem

    TR218A is a fast fill air/liquid stem used on farm implement tubes, it is approx 1.8" long overall with core housing installed. The TR220A is the same except the threaded portion the rim nut screws on is slightly longer for use in thicker road grader wheels. The threaded portion of the TR220A is 1.19" long versus .81" long on the TR218A. Both fit the .625" (5/8") rim hole. The core hosing is removable for fast liquid filling for ballast. They are supplied with a rim nut to retain the stem in the wheel when attaching the fluid fill nozzle. The core housing uses a standard bore removable Schrader valve same as other tube valves.

    Tyre fitment guide

    Below is a list of tyre sizes that 16.9-28 tube may fit.

    • 16.9-28
    • 14.9-28


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