245/40 R20 Accelera PHI R


The Accelera Phi-R is a high performance, all season tyre made for passenger vehicles and SUVs.

This tyre’s tread elements and tyre compound work together to offer year round excellent all weather road grip and superb traction in dry, wet and winter weather. And to maintain tyre’s flexibility even in colder temperatures. The tread grooves help make the driving experience safer by channeling water and slush from the footprint of the tyre, thus avoiding dangerous hydroplaning.

The tyre features a lowered rolling resistance thanks to the enhanced weight of the tyre. Therefore contributing positively towards the environment.

Even at high speeds, this model performs exceptionally well. The improved driving stability of the tire and its precise steering responsiveness provides extra safety. The tire is easily controlled and it responds to the commands of the driver quickly and precisely. The upgraded cornering ability and power also boost the high speed driving safety of the tire. The tire grips the road and provides first-rate traction in cornering and maneuvering situations.

The Phi-R is a quiet and comfortable tyre. The road noise heard in the cabin of the vehicle is reduced by the additional sipes in the tread pattern which channel the soundwaves through the model’s footprint, making an enjoyable driving experience.

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