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Tire brand: Roadcruza
Tire model: RA710
Car Type: Passenger
Specification: 245/45 R19
Width: 245
Profile: 45
Diameter: 19''

245/45 R19 Roadcruza RA710

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The RA710 is Roadcruza’s ultra high performance offering to sleek cars.


  1. High Stiffness Block
    • Maximized contact area for cornering performance on dry
    • Optimum traction and braking
  2. ‘Tie Bar’ Rib
    • Special ‘reinforced’ Rib design to ensure maximum control when cornering
    • Wet Traction / Grip
  3. Straight Semi-Slick Centre
    • Maximum control and steering Response
    • Straight line stability
  4. Main asymmetrically displaced grooves
    • Efficient water drainage
    • Optimized void and block stiffness to balance hydro-performance and handing stability
    • Specially shaped ‘water evacuation blocks’ for most effective water evacuation from Rib contact patch into main grooves

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