7.50-16 Tube


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Automobile tyre inner tubes are designed to contain air within the wheel and tyre assembly. 7.50-16 inner tubes are used with 16 inch tyres and a produced with varying valve stem to suit different applications.

Tube parameters

  • Wheel diameter: 16 in
  • Material: Butyl rubber

TR75A, TR77A, TR78A, TR175A, TR177A, TR179A Tube Valve Stem

Each is a high pressure metal stem for split ring and industrial applications. Each rises .94" out of the tube and then bends approximately 85 degrees. The difference in each one is length after the bend. A tube is only going to be made with the one proper length stem for the tyre size it fits. Each will have either a metal plate or a washer at the stem base to keep the tube from protruding up through the stem slot of the wheel.

TR13 Tube Valve Stem

The TRI3 stem is a rubber covered straight stem. It is used on the universal tubes. It is 1.38" long and fits the 453" (approx. 1/2") rim hole. The TR13 stem is rated for a max of 60 psi. It will be located on the tube offset to one side. It can be adapted up to the 0.625" larger rim hole using the B6 bushing.


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