7.50-16 Yana Pamoja 14PR


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Tire brand: Yana
Tire model: Pamoja
Car Type: LTB
Specification: 7.50-16 14PR
Diameter: 16''


Build to go places, the Pamoja by Yana delivers uncompromising service under a wide variety of environments. From rugged roads, through black cotton soils, to sandy dunes in the desert, you need tyres that allow you to be in control of your cargo in any conditions. Pamoja provides outstanding adaptability as well as mileage.


  • Nylon, cross ply carcass, delivers uncompromising adaptability to surface
  • Robust¬†rib-lug tread pattern for continuous contact with ground for reliable driving experience
  • High tensile nylon body plies that ensure damage protection from impacts and sharp objects while giving high pay loads especially in truck/lorry applications

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