7.50-16 Alliance TracPRO F-2 8PR


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Tire brand: Alliance
Tire model: TracPRO
Car Type: LTB
Specification: 7.50-16 8PR
Diameter: 16''


Build with a nylon carcass, the TracPRO (Multi-rib Pattern) F-2 tractor front tyre is a unique design with grooves on the central rib and notches in the shoulder which endures the tyre with superior traction in farming environments.

Alliance TracPRO, both multi and three-rib F-2 tractor front tyres are designed for exceptional performance in farming environments.


  • Shoulder notches improve self cleaning
  • Continuous rib on the three-rib ensures directional stability
  • Special rib pattern ensures comfortable driving experience in the multi-rib pattern
  • Special stubble protection compound offers long life because of puncture and damage resistance