Welcome to Tyretec and thank you for taking time to visit our website.

We are a retail and online shop that specializes in selling car tyres, tubes, batteries, wheels and wheel accessories. We have a collection of excellent value brands that will help motorists redeem the most value from their purchase.

We have a wide variety of tyre sizes including passenger, commercial, truck, agricultural and implement tyres, tubes, batteries and rims. All our products are carefully selected and sourced from reliable manufacturers.

Our goal is to become the go-to place for motorists looking to buy tyres and tyre accessories in Kenya. We are a well-trained and motivated team that has a shared mission; to provide each and every one of our clients with reliable options and attainable ease in their search for tyres through excellent service among, online placement and to grow our trust by becoming the best possible choice.

We appreciate the choice all our customers have accorded us, we have made it our responsibility to satisfy all our clients by giving them the best attainable services. Whatever question you have regarding our products or services, feel free to bring it up, and we will address it, promptly.

We have a big passion for stylish tyres, and we update our stock regularly to keep pace with the demand for trendy tyres as they come and go. Make Tyretec your tyre shopping destination of choice to get mind-blowing value.

We hope you enjoy using our online storeĀ and thank you for preferring Tyretec.

Mission: To provide best convenience to our customers. We envision a Kenya where all motorists have access to variety at fair prices, and at their convenience - shop smart. We strive to provide the best of e-retail to our users.

Biggest selection at ace, and sometimes break, prices.

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