Tyre Fundermentals

Tyres are complex and their uses can be so varied, but as a driver you need to understand the basics. Join me as I point out tyre basics in this article.

One of the broadly accepted definition of a tyre is, “A tyre is a ring-shaped vehicle component that covers the wheel’s rim to protect it and enhance the wheels performance and vehicle maneuverability.” Modern tyres have been shaped in way that they create a void between the wheel and the tyre itself. This reshaping enabled tyres to be filled with air and changes properties of the wheel altogether.

Tyres are composed of three main parts: – the tread, the sidewall and the bead. Of course there is a lot technical parts beneath this three parts that we see. The bead seats on the wheels flange to create an airtight changer. This chamber is filled with compressed air to cushion and carry the weight of the vehicle. The chamber is supported by the sidewall to the sides and the tread to the bottom-up, all around the tyre. While the sidewall completes the chamber’s structure on the sides, the tread also completes the chamber’s shape on the perimeter. The tread also provides traction, which is the main purpose of a tyre.

A cross section of a tyre showing the parts that makes up a tyre.

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