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185/70 R14

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Davanti DX240 – Leading The Way

A fuel efficient, low-noise passenger car tyre

The DX240 provides exceptional wet and dry grip with high levels of straight line and cornering traction


9.5 R17.5 Eternity EXA785*

Meet the highway cargo king. Payload intensified while providing persistent mileage at relentless grip.

315/80 R22.5 All Position Tyres

Designed to meet the demands of any wheel axle on trucks and buses, all-position tyres are one of the most precise and technically advanced tread pattern for commercial vehicles, they often portray high mileage, even tyre wear and exceptional ride quality.

265/70 R16 Yana Stallion A/T

A daring contrast of highly liquid, flowing grooves with the depth of dark night rubber. Evocative of a late night ride through a sleepless city scene, or a mud bath through rugged high altitude passes.