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215/65R16 Nexen N'blue Eco

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The N’blue Eco is an environmentally friendly car tyre from Nexen. Nexen has developed the N’blue Eco in such a way that it saves on fuel costs. In addition, the N’blue Eco has a low resistance.

The N’blue Eco has an optimized tread with a contact surface that distributes the pressure well. Due to this good distribution, the tyre lasts longer. The N’blue Eco’s sipes and grooves have been placed with precision to provide excellent performance on wet and dry surfaces. The N’blue Eco also has three central ribs that provide sufficient stability at high speeds.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly car tyre, the Nexen N’blue Eco is highly recommended. The ANWB’s summer tire test of 2013 demonstrated that the N’blue Eco had the lowest consumption in that test.

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